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Website use agreement


The  boom website is serves the website to user's one kind (“stand”). This website take provides the national capital state-owned enterprise information service as a goal. The boomwebsite invitation user visits the stand, downloading and the duplication information and the material, obtains the information from the stand.

Uses this website the user to agree with and to accept the following provision and the condition:


In the  boom  website provides content of the information, does not make any responsibility guarantee or the expression. The  boom website to the user the information which, material completeness and the authenticity issued in this website does not make any guarantee or the expression. The boom website periodicity increases, the change, or improves in the website unceasingly the material, not advance notice. Because the  boom  website is not responsible to use any loss which this website incurs, the responsibility or the expenditure. The user acknowledges and agrees with the  boom website irresponsible what user explicitly any behavior.

The  boom website may contain the suggestion, the opinion and various information provider and the content provider statement. The boom website does not describe or signs accurate or any suggestion reliable opinion, or states other any information provider or the content provider, the website or other human or any user. Will trust these opinions, the suggestion, the statement or other information initiation consequence will be responsible by user. Also non- boom  website, also non-any agent or employee.

As the website, the request user agreed that causes the  boom  website and its Branch office does not receive sues for damages, as well as the loss, the responsibility creates the expenditure (including reasonable legal expenses), if the user or uses this website in this website, feels discontented to any provision and the condition and any material, user's only method is the interrupt uses this website.

In website any material, does not have the duty to explain that contains any investment financing information, also does not form for the investment suggestion

To the third party website connection

This website contains with the third party website contacting. The  boom  website is not responsible for any linked stand's content. The boom website provides the connection only to take to user's one kind of convenience.

If this website about the mail table of contents or other news or the communication (message center, language sound chamber, notice board), the user agreed that uses these functions only to provide the related news and the source material. The user agreed that when uses these functions, will not have the following behavior: Slander, insult, malicious attack, threat or infringement legal obligee or other people (e.g. public privacy).  The publication, the mail, the assignment or disseminates any degree to slander, destruction, indecent, obscene and illegal material or information.  Uploads or enclosed contains the software or by the intellectual property rights law protection other material document (public right of privacy), only if you had the control right or already were under the essential permission.

Uploads or enclosed contains viral the document, the putrefication document, or possible to damage another computer operation system's any other similar softwares or the plan. In is uploaded in any document obliterates the author signature, legitimate notice or owner marked symbol or label. In a document intension which uploads is contained the forge origin or software's news or other materials. In downloads another user information which in any document or the website information knew, by non-legitimate use.

Suitable law

Agreed that this agreement the explanation acts according to the People's Republic of China the legal standard.

Please relate with with boom@boomint.cn if other questions.

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