Privacy policy

Please read the following policy in order to understand how your information to process in this website. This policy possibly momentarily changes, therefore ,please regularly visit this homepage. You need to approve these provisions or the stipulation first, then continues to carry on other operations again, please press the direction to click on the following related icon to read these provisions and the stipulation.

Information disclosuring and using

Outside boom Corporation and the subsidiary company and the affiliated organization sell, the transaction, the hiring, or allows other people to use your information. Only then in the peculiar circumstance, we possibly discloses for the related legal institution, and we thought that this kind of information disclosure to the below situation is essential:


·In order to observe related national law

·In order to violate us to use the stipulation and service term individual confirmation or

·In oder to adopt the law that is defers to the law to carry out and to apply this user agreement

·In order to protect the right, visible either the non visible property, or the boomint, its subsidiary company and Branch office, or third party security.

This website's user spreads the world. Any through this website issued that will be transmitted for ours information to the information debarkation country outside the server, and will land outside the country in the server to use, memory and processing. We possibly collects from this website certain information reorganization arrange to the statistical data, including ours user, sale, current capacity pattern and related website information. If provides to the third party, these data will not include any individual accurate information (PII). With our website link, and the website which is visited by our website's user, possibly has the different use policy and each kind of stipulation. boomint is irresponsible to this kind of other website's privacy convention or each kind of provision.



The Palestinian Mongolia uses the standard profession convention to protect and maintains you to provide to ours individual information. We believed firmly that already established the effective hardware, electronic and the executive program in order to carry on the protection to your individual information. Certainly, in the real world, we knew that “perfect” An Fang does not exist on the existing Internet. boomint cannot guarantee and our website exchange or to your information deposit absolutely cannot by the third party improper use.


Registration user

When you become the registration user, we will request you to provide the name, the email and other information assist us to process your order form. You will be inquired about whether to like through the email receiving our product information or other you are interested the subject. Only then obtains your prior consent, we only will then transmit this kind of information to you.



Cookie is a small data packet, transmits from the server to yours browser and saves on yours hard disk, the goal will be to let you next time the quicker debarkation identical homepage. For example, when you register or register this website, cookie will be issued you. This website will found the information which using cookies user documents will save you to fill, so you do not need each time to visit when will fill in these information.

IP address

A IP address is a serial number, uses in distinguishing the computer, transmits data which you request, for example homepage and so on. Our network server will collect the IP address automatically in order to manage our system and the assistance question diagnosis. We will not serve as the IP address other uses.



When you use our website, indicated that you agreed lists each stipulation in this policy.


18 year-old following user

If you are 18 year-old following user, and permitted without the parents or guardian's learning about, please do not provide any individual in this website to be possible the identification information.

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