Titanium dioxide (Tio2) is considered to be the world's best performance of a white pigment .In  general case,  it does not react with most of the material. widely used in coatings, plastic, papermaking, printing ink, chemical fiber, rubber, cosmetics and other industries.


Coatings industry is the largest user of titanium dioxide, particularly rutile titanium dioxide, most consumed by coating industry.  Made of titanium dioxide coating, colorful, high hiding power, stong tinting strength, less dosage, varieties, so the physical stability of the medium can be protected, also can enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the film to prevent cracking,UV and moisture through, extend the life of film.


Plastics industry is the second largest user of titanium dioxide,Adding titanium dioxide in the plastic,it can improve the heat resistance ,light resistance and weatherability of the plastic products,make plastic products to improve the physical and chemical properties, enhance the mechanical strength of products, prolong service life.


Paper making is the third largest user of titanium dioxide.As paper filler, mainly used in advanced paper and thin paper .Adding.Titanium dioxide in the paper, can make the paper better whiteness, good gloss, high strength, thin and smooth, not penetrate when printing, light quality. Paper making with Titanium Dioxide ,generally use  without the surface treatment of titanium dioxide, can have the effect of fluorescent whitening agent, increase the whiteness of the paper.But the laminated paper requires to use after surface treatment of Anatase type Titanium Dioixde , in order to meet the requirements of light and heat.


Titanium Dioxide is an indispensable white pigment of printing ink, rubber and other industries.Containing Titanium dioxide, the ink durability does not change color, surface wettability, easy to disperse .Used in ink industry ,it has Rutile Titanium Dioxide and Anatase Titanium Dioixde

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